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Elegance of the arctic



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"Valhall - The largest and most fantastic hall in Åsgard"

The gods held their banquets here where Odin, king of all gods, ruled. Only the brave and worthy warriors that fell in battle came here. At Valhall they spent their time battling, eating and drinking.Each day they wore their army clothes and fought battles in the yard. After the battles, the slain got up uninjured and sat around the table, the best of friends. It was looked upon as honourable to die fighting and end up with the warriors at Valhall. (Nørron mythology)

Today you can find our Valhall on Krøttøy in Tore Hund’s kingdom.

Taking  Valhall as a base, surrounded by wonderful landscape, you have the perfect starting point for a pure nature experience!Valhall is an adventure centre in the midst of real Viking country. A hotel in a unique environment!

With Valhall as our base, we arrange trips on land and at sea. Here you can eat, drink and sleep  deep in the countryside. When you stay at Valhall which can sleep 44, you can choose from single, double or family rooms. The rooms are tastefully furnished with large windows looking out to a wonderful landscape. 

All single and double rooms have large tiled bathrooms.  We also have a restaurant, a bar, conference room and sauna. This makes Valhall the perfect holiday destination for enjoying nature and peace and quiet well away from disturbing traffic and noise. There are only a few necessary vehicles here for businesses connected with various activities such as team building.

Valhall is on the island of Krøttøy with a bridge connection to Meløyvær. The islands lie between Andøy, Senja, and Grytøy just outside of Harstad. Few people live here, although there are many holiday homes on the islands. This forms the basis for a quality leisurely holiday. 

The islands have many beautiful white beaches where you can dream away your woes.

From here you can dive or hire a kayak and paddle around the islands and islets where you can find otters and seals and other animals. 

We also arrange boat trips around the archipelago where the chances are good that we see the majestic sea eagle that nests here and produces young each year.

There trips are pure nature experiences and you mustn’t leave your camera at home. We can also hire you a boat for some sea fishing or an adventure in the archipelago.

From Nordlystoppen, which is the highest point in Krøttøy, there is a panoramic view over the fantastic archipelago. 

There is also a heated bunker with viewpoint where one can stay indoors during the winter in when taking part in a trip to see the Northern Lights.

Valhall offers the best of nature adventures, which is why we are called a nature experience centre.

Get in touch, we wish you welcome!




We can offer our visitors single, double or family rooms and suites.

All rooms are tastefully furnished. They are large and have a sitting area and writing desk.

Some of the rooms have television. All the rooms have good comfortable beds. Single,and double rooms and suites all have their own large bathroom.

Family rooms share the same showers and toilets. They share a tv lounge with a little kitchen area.

Information and prices can be found under booking.


Valhall has its own conference room ideal for groups of up to 20. It has a long table and very comfortable chairs. There is a wonderful view from the room, perfect for inspiring to bright ideas.

The room has a most pleasant atmosphere.

It is equipped with wireless internet, projector and white board.

We serve coffee, tea , mineral water, fruit and finger food if required.

For larger groups we have also have a conference room with the same equipment for up to 40 persons.

Valhall Restaurant

Our lovely restaurant is fully licensed.

We serve food with maritime and local origin. Here you can enjoy delicious food from the sea. Try a tasty fish soup with ingredients such as salmon, cod, mussels and prawns. Served with freshly baked bread and garlic butter.

Or what about halibut baked in the oven, fried salmon or grilled marinated whale meat. Served with fresh vegetables and all the trimmings.

Lamb from an old breed of sheep is also a speciality of ours. These animals graze outside all year on the nearby islands, giving the meat delicious taste of the wild. The prepared meat is tender and tasty with all the trimmings. A real Viking meal of grilled rack of lamb or leg of lamb fresh from the oven should be satisfying even for a real Viking.

We use berries and fruits that are in season for our desserts.We can mention rhubarb baked in the oven, a redcurrant dream, or cloudberries with mascarpone cream and cloudberry syrup.Of course we also serve starters and lunch from a varied menu.

Bar & Wines

Being fully licensed we are able to serve whatever drink you would like with your meal.

After your meal you may wish to retire to the bar or lounge to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee. There is a wonderful view from here and one could almost imagine one is sitting outside.  Of course you could go out on the terrace and enjoy the evening and midnight sun. A wonderful sight!

After a good nights sleep in a comfortable bed, you can choose your breakfast from a delicious buffet.

At larger events we are pleased to cater to your own requirements, should it be for a 3 course dinner or something simpler.  We do our best to meet your requirements.In addition we arrange a Viking feast around Christmastime.

Valhall Store

In the summer of 2011, we opened Valhall store. Here you can find the necessary items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, or maybe you need a fishing rod. We also have snacks, ice cream, soft drinks and more.

There is nothing like a wonderful ice cream, on a hot summer night, while enjoying the scenery.

Valhall is on the island of Krøttøy with a bridge connection to Meløyvær. The islands lie between Andøy, Senja, and Grytøy just outside of Harstad. Few people live here, although there are many holiday homes on the islands. This forms the basis for a quality leisurely holiday. 


Close to Valhall, you can find our marina. Here you can find a shelter if you come by sea. We have a large and spacious pier in calm waters. It is possible to connect to power and to fill water.



Northern Lights Top

The island’s highest point. Here is a bunker from World War II, built by the germans. The Norwegian armed forces rebuild the bunker in 1960 and called it Krøttøy radar station. It acted as a lookout to observe enemy vessels between Andøy and Senja. This was the most strategic point for monitoring the fjord.

Today this is owned by Valhall and it is part of what we can offer to our guests in the form of a guided tour here.

You can enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of the stunning archipelago found here. At the same time you hear the story about the origin of the bunker and exciting stories about how it was and have their military service time here. It’s nice and warm in here and it is also possible to order finger foods and drinks that can be enjoyed during your stay.

We can also offer accommodation at Northern Lights top. A fantastic place for avid photographers, both in terms of the midnight sun, northern lights, whalewatchng or simply a magnificent view over the archipelago.

The Northern Lights top is as it was during the cold war.

Meløyvær Fort 

Meløyvær Fort , the world’s most modern coastal fortress, now a national museum. We have guiding trips inside the fort and this cost 200, pr.person minimum 6 persons. On this tour we are going inside the command center and cannon A.

Meløyvær fort is an abandoned coastal artillery fort in Krøttøy Harstad municipality in Troms. The facility consists of three guns and a command center, and was completed in 1989 as one of the last three coastal forts that were built in Norway. Meløyvær fort was strategically important during the Cold War, and would cover the area between Andøya and Senja.

Meløyvær fort was decommissioned in 2002 and protected by Cultural Heritage in June 2013.

Meløyvær fort, the world's most modern coastal fortress and a monument of the Cold War, was built in the late 1980s. A billion was spent on three 120 mm Bofors guns, command center and whatever else was needed to ensure peace and tolerance between East and West.

The guns are built in a more than 30 meters deep facility equipped so that it should be self-sufficient with water and electricity in an emergency. Since the plant is so new, all of aggregates, control, overnight rooms, kitchen, offices and so on are fully operational.

Meløyvær fort is the first coastal artillery fort from the Cold War that was protected in Norway. Directorate believes Meløyvær fort is of great historical value, both militarily and technically. It is also a point to show off the huge financial commitment to the defence during the Cold War. One of the guns (cannon A) located on Krøttøy and kept fully intact. In addition to the one gun will also command center is preserved. Anti-aircraft positions and the area surrounding the fort are also preserved.


Paddling a kayak in the wonderful archipelago around Valhall can be highly recommended. If you do not own your own kayak, you can hire equipment at Valhall. We have several kayaks in various types and sizes.

From the pier at Valhall it is about an hours paddling to the centre of the archipelago. It is a simple route to paddle where you can be accompanied by a local if necessary. This trip is a real experience of nature where you can paddle right up to a colony of seals that live here. Otherwise there is a profusion of many different types of bird in the archipelago. In a kayak it is possible to get very close to them. On these trips there is always time to go ashore to have a bite to eat and something to drink and maybe stretch your legs a bit.

The experienced paddler can take the challenge of a trip over Andfjord and out to Steine. These groups of islands lie in 2 clusters where the inner cluster has been populated, unlike the outer cluster.  There is obvious evidence of settlement on the inner cluster. There are stone foundations, paths, breakwaters, wells and quays where large wharfs have stood. Today the islands are part of a protected area of the landscape and it is forbidden to go ashore between the 1st May and 15th July. This is due to the vibrant birdlife out here. (The mink has not arrived this far out at sea and the many types of bird can live undisturbed by the cold blooded bird killer)

The exception is Styrmannsholmen which is the largest island where one can go ashore throughout the year. Many plants have taken over here, amongst them the giant hogweed. Otherwise there are nice grassy areas and good conditions for mooring your boat. The windy breakwater towards the north was built in 1890/91 and protects well from the larger waves which often come in Andfjord. Steine lies so far out to sea that it is important to plan the trip. Communication and the weather forecast are important elements. Although there are 3 wells on the group of islands, it is important to have plenty of drinking water with you if you are planning on spending the night as none of the wells has clean water.  Usually it is easy to find driftwood to start a fire. Especially just after the winter you may find huge piles of driftwood that has been washed ashore. There is plenty of fish in the water so you just need a few potatoes and a few other ingredients and you can prepare a real feast.


Starting the trip from Valhall gives the best value for money. Of course we can pick up people from Harstad in the RIB and continue out to the archipelago for an exciting adventure, but this is more a case of transportation where we would rather recommend the express boat from Harstad to Krøttøy. There are several departures daily. You can then be met at the quayside at Krøttøy. There we are in the worlds northernmost populated archipelago where a sea of adventures await.

Steine: Steine (Steinavær) was a well known fishing village for many years until 1912 when the last resident left the island. Now you can leave Valhall in an RIB and head north up Andfjord  to visit the area in less than half an hour. Today you can clearly see the foundations of the houses and how small they were. These buildings often housed parents and children and the grandparents too. Today nobody can imagine having to live in such cramped conditions, but in those days it was more a case of survival. At best, 127 people lived here earning a living from fish and possibly a few animals for personal use. Large sailboats came all the way from Bergen to buy dried fish, salted fish and cod liver oil that was produced here. At its busiest around 250 people were employed here during the season. In 1890/)91, a windy breakwater was built towards the north between 2 islands giving shelter from the hard waves which often battered the harbour tossing boats out to sea. Take a trip and experience how people and nature lived as one. Valhall offers guided tours.

Seals:  In the archipelago there is a large family of seals, over 60 of them. They have been here for many years and their number is continually increasing.  The easy access to plenty of food has ensured that this colony of seals is growing fast. During the summer most of the seals leave to go further out to sea where the females give birth to their young. They feel safe here away from people and boats. Seals in the archipelago are often nosy so it is easy to get close to them.

Valhall takes you out on a boat to see the seals where they belong.

Yttersteine.  Yttersteine lies just to the west of Steine and is today in the ownership of the state. The area has never been settled but has been valuable due to the very hard stone found here.  The breakwater to the harbour at Andenes  is built from stone blasted out here and shipped from Yttersteine. Today huge colonies of birds have taken over.  Cormorants, grey geese, several types of seagull and sea eagle and many more, nest here. In addition there are many otters and different kinds of seal to be seen here, especially during the winter. The density and great variety of birds make the islands really exciting. There the huge sea eagle rules at the top of the food chain.

Trips on the RIB from Valhall are pure nature experiences that offer several interesting stops where you are guided and places where it is possible to go ashore for a bite to eat out in the open.

RIB stands for ‘rigid inflatable boat’.Valhall has one that is licensed for 12 passengers. It has a 300hp engine and can reach a speed of 50 nautical mph.Price for RIB is 8900kr, per hour.

Price example for return trip to Steinavær from Krøttøy/Valhall inclusive of guiding and stops, 890kr per person exclusive of food. Price for groups of 8-12 people. Duration 1-2hours.

Contact us for prices for smaller groups or lone visitors.

Eagle Safari

There are several pairs of eagles here with a good stable supply of food. Due to the consistent food supply they have been here for several years, nesting and producing young each year.

Easy access to food from the sea is the reason why so many sea birds can be seen here. Bird rock at Helløy is evidence of this. It is several years since the number of nesting pairs of kittiwakes exceeded 6000. The population is growing and the birds have had to extend their nesting area due to lack of space. Bird rock is like a huge food larder for the sea eagle. It is often here finding food, especially when the young birds are old enough to try leaving the nest. Their ability to fly is not fully developed and they are easy prey. The sea eagle is often seen sitting at the top of the rock waiting for the right moment to stoop down and catch its prey.

From a boat you have the perfect place from which to view the daily events out in nature.

The sea eagle starts the mating game, which happens in the air, early. We have seen this flirtatious game as early as Feb/March. Then, the stage is set for an acrobatic show where the eagles hook claws and fly together in a downward spiral before letting go. It is admirable how fast and easy this majestic bird flies through the air with a wingspan of up to 2,4m.

The sea eagle is intelligent and uses several methods of hunting dependant on what is hunted. We have observed 3-4 eagles hunting a seagull. Whereby 2 eagles tire the gull out and the 2 rested eagles dive in for the kill, bringing in their prey. During the winter the sea eagle can wait several hours…… with good reason. It can look like the eagle is just sitting there, but it has a plan. It has been watching the otter swimming past and it knows that the otter is trying to catch fish. From where it sits, the eagle keeps a close eye on the area. When the otter then comes on land to enjoy its catch, the eagle stoops as if from nowhere and steals the catch from the otter. We have witnessed this, a  most fascinating sight.

You too can experience the wonderful life in the archipelago. We arrange eagle safaris by boat with groups from 6-10 people for 750kr. per person. Duration 1-2hours.

To book a trip, call Valhall on (+47) 77090000 The king of Krøttøy

Speed, Excitement and a hike to the top

In May we start our hikes to the peaks. You can then come along on an exciting adventure trip with RIB from Valhall to Senja. This trip goes from Valhalls archipelago and on to Skrolsvik on Senja. The boat trip takes approximately 20mins. You will be met at Skrolsvik and guided up one of the best peaks on South Senja, Sjursviktinden.


This mountain hike is expected to take about 5hours.The trip to the top is relatively easy with no real climbing. There is little woodland and the path is stoney. The terrain levels out just before you reach the top when you can really reap the rewards of the trip. The view is fantastic! You look east towards Andørja, Rolløya, Hinnøya, Grytøya, Bjarkøy, Helløy, Flatøy, Krøttøy, Meløyvær and on to Andøya in the west.  The next part is steep before you arrive at the summit.


Then you can see the rest. The view from here is unbelievable! You can actually see right out to Måneset outside Gryllefjord and the whole mountain range that Senja has to offer with its pointed peaks and steep mountainsides  dropping into the sea. You can also see the islands of Holmenvær, Ørja and Steinavær. These islands have their own special history where they lie just outside these great mountain ranges.


You should have warm dry clothes and a small backpack with some extra clothing. It is also advisable to have good hiking boots or good comfortable walking footwear.

On the RIB you will be provided with a flotation suit belonging to the boat, which is wind and waterproof. Trips are available for 8-24 people. Cost: 950KR. Per person.



We hire out kayak with, or without a guide. To hire without a guide you will need to have had a sea kayaking introduction course.. Kayaks come with oars, splash cover and life jacket. Dry suit can be hired separately.

The archipelago is perfect for paddling. This is an exciting nature experience where you get close to the abundant wildlife.

  • Kayak without guide: 450kr. per half day. 
  • Kayak with guide:       900kr. per half day. (Minimum 3 People)
  • Dry suit:                       350kr.per day


We have three , 17 foot boats for hire. The boats are designed and built for fishing. They are wide and sturdy , and have self-bailing decks. Structurally, these boats have deep keel , which prevents large drifts when fishing. All include silent and reliable engines. The boats are rented out for fishing , but have also been leased to safari tours, this is undoubtedly due to the beautiful archipelago and the diverse wildlife here.

fishing boat | pr.time + petrol| kr 250,00

fishing boat  | pr.day+ petrol  | kr 1 000,00

fishing boat | over two days. pr.day + petrol | kr 800,00





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